On 18-19 October 2018, ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre-Europe) will organise in Brussels its 11th annual summit under the title DIGITAL JOURNEY: FROM INCLUSION TO EMPOWERMENT.

The Summit brings together every year ca. 200 leaders of networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills of all European citizens. Participants will discuss how they can accompany Europeans in their journey to become digital citizens, skilled workers, empowered educators or inspiring leaders. The digital journey start from inclusion, from raising awareness that digital tools are for everyone. Then it goes on through feeling safe and comfortable with its own capacities, to being empowered by its own knowledge.

In the Digital Welcome project, we follow a similar journey whose main actors are third country nationals. The journey in this case is the one from their native country to the new one where they plan to establish their life in order to have a better future. This journey becomes digital as we try to empower them to improve their IT skills, language and soft skills to make them feel part of the country they live in.

In this context, our project perfectly fit in the ALL DIGITAL Summit topic. During the two-days conference, participants will propose and debate ideas and solutions that address the challenges of supporting citizens with their digital journeys in an ever-changing social and technology landscape. It will explore the significant role of digital skills to improve media literacy, global citizenship education, integration of migrants and refugees, human rights protection and awareness-raising, addressing societal issues in a smart and inclusive way.

Besides panel and group discussions, there will also be an interactive session organised by us about “IT skills for young refugees and migrants”, during which we will share experiences and first impressions of the training programme with other digital competence centres, discussing the role of DCSs in inclusion of migrants and refugees.

Check out the programme of the ALL DIGITAL Summit!