During the pilot sessions of Digital Welcome project, from the beginning of November in Greece, IASIS NGO started to disseminate and promote the program’s tools through training workshops, where migrants and refugees from Syria, Pakistan and African countries took part in.

All the training sessions took place in Connect Athens, the youth center of IASIS NGO, which is located in the city center of Athens, in Kato Patissia, where many of youngsters’ inhabitants are at risk of social exclusion (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers included).

At this stage of the program, the target group benefits from the innovative tools that aim to empower them and to equip them with soft, communication skills and digital competences. At the beginning they were cautious and hesitant, but now they are really open to share their experiences. Also, they manage to bond with each other and to create trust relationships. Until now, they have written their personal stories using some innovative IT tools and they are ready to share digitally their journey with the public.

In the next step, all the beneficiaries will promote the project among their friends and convince them to follow it by using peer learning techniques and transmitting their knowledge to more people.