The Welcome project has already been exploited by one of the most famous organizations in Greece, with international identity ActionAid. ActionAid is an independent, international organization that has been campaigning against poverty and injustice since 1972 in more than 45 countries around the world. Today, over 15 million people learn, through the organization’s programs, to rely on their own strengths to claim a life of dignity and a better and fairer world for all. One of the annexes of ActionAid in Greece is Epikentro, which is an Empowering Center that offers, in collaboration with leading organizations (such as IASIS NGO) and skilled professionals, free innovative programs and services for children, adolescents, adults and migrants. It meets holistically the needs of empowerment the local population. Epikedro, was interested in the exploitation of the Welcome project after its finalization.

In parallel, during other events that have been organized by IASIS, the organization disseminated the program, in which many stakeholders were interested in adopting the project’s Toolkit. Thus, until now stakeholders, such as Social Services of Athen’s Municipality, are interesting in project’s process and outcomes. Especially, they were meant to exploit the Digital Welcome Methodology, considered as very innovative and useful for migration needs.