On the 5th of March 2019, a visit was organized by Antonis Bertos and Vasilis Rafail, both IASIS trainers, and the Iasis RND team in KET theatre in the center of Athens, under the framework of Digital Welcome project.

A team of 10 refugees and asylum seekers from Albania, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and African countries visited KET theatre and met its owners Dimitris Alexakis and Fotini Banou. The name of the theatre in Greek means Centre of Television’s control, and it is an open artistic space that organizes experimental concerts and performances.

Fotini and Dimitris were really made the whole team feel comfortable. We sat in the upper floor around a big table to get to know each other. Afterwards, Fotini and Dimitris talked about KET, which 20 years before was a shop for repairing TVs.

Afterwards, the Iasis team explained to Dimitris and Fotini about Digital Welcome project and Digital Journalism module. The team asked them some really interesting questions and then they recorded their answers. This beautiful sharing moment ended with a game during which the whole team were connected with a colorful rope and expressed his/her feedback, emotions and thoughts about digital journalism experience.

Watch the video!

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