The second Multiplier Event organized by Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) was held on the 9th of May 2019. The event was co-organised by the neighbourhood centre “BENN Mitte” and the training organisation for refugees “ReDi School”. Multipliers and organisations working in the field of refugees and in the field of promoting media literacy participated in the event.

The event took place on the premises of BENN Mitte in the north-western part of Berlin.

Feedback, ideas and suggestions for implementing and exploiting the developed and tested training offer were shared.

Feedback on the modules and training implementation:

  • The topics of the training are very interesting for the participants’ organisations.
  • The participants like the creative way the training was implemented.
  • The modules that show how the training can be conducted can be very helpful to other organisations.
  • It was positively mentioned that the suggestions given at the last multiplier event had been implemented in the second pilot and that they had help to improve it.

How the participants’ organisations could implement the modules:

  • The modules are a good way for very experienced trainers to get new ideas and implement parts of the modules.
  • To make sure that the modules are implemented as whole trainings, it would be necessary to offer a train-the-trainer on the modules.
  • This train-the-trainer can even be a short workshop but has to present the way to offer the training to the target group.
  • The modules can even be used for other target groups or in the context of a makerspace. The libraries are interested in this creative way of training young people.
  • The modules can be used as an introductory training in the training organisation “ReDi School”
  • The neighbourhood centre would like to support a train-the-trainer course for librarians.


  • SDC will meet the library “Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek” in Berlin to visit their new makerspace and develop ideas how the WELCOME programme (modules) can be implemented there.
  • BENN Mitte and SDC will keep in touch to organise a train-the-trainer course or workshop.